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Are You an Empath?  What Does this Mean?

Chanda Nancy Berlatsky © September 2015  

Are You an Empath?   What Does this Mean?
Appeared in October 2015 issue – The Magic Happens Ezine

Do you feel uncomfortable in shopping malls, arenas, amusement parks, and other venues where large groups of people congregate? If so, please read on, because in combination with other traits, this is one typical attribute of an Empath – someone who profoundly feels the energies around them.

It is estimated that Empaths account for 20% of the population. Many of the clients I work with are Empaths. Often, they feel different than others, but they don’t understand why. They have no idea they are Empaths until this information is brought to light by the Akashic Records. Once they know they are Empaths it becomes an ‘aha’ moment that sets them on a different trajectory.

Empaths are born not made, so one cannot undo being an Empath. However, knowing who you are and fortified with a few simple strategies you can maximize the positive and minimize the downside of being an Empath.

Before you read Common Attributes of an Empath, I want to make it very clear that Sensitives, Intuitives, and Psychics may find themselves identifying with some of these attributes, but this does not mean they are Empaths. What separates the Empath from others is the profound depth of their feeling nature, and their visceral reactions which download into their bodies. A Sensitive or Psychic can watch a gratuitous torture scene in a movie, recognize it as distasteful, and sense a low frequency attached to it. In the future, they may choose to avoid movies with violent scenes because they find them unpleasant. To the Empath, shunning such images is a matter of survival because they absorb them as if they are being tortured. An Intuitive, Sensitive or Psychic may sense or know someone is angry, but the Empath will feel their anger.

Common Attributes of an Empath

Empaths sense and deeply feel the emotions of others.

They know or sense things without being informed because they feel energies and thought forms emanating from people, animals, Mother Earth, or the collective.

Because Empaths feel the emotions of others as if they are their own discerning what is ‘Me’ and what is ‘You’ can be challenging.

They are aware of and feel the suffering of others. Without hesitation Empaths to want help.

Empaths can suffer from a multitude of illnesses or malaise. Many of these symptoms are the result of feeling the illnesses of others. Empaths tend to take ownership and store these feelings and symptoms in their body. Consequently, Empaths are sometimes called hypochondriacs.

Many Empaths experience emotional overload which can cause unexplained anxiety and depression.

They often feel uncomfortable in shopping malls, arenas, amusement parks, and other venues where large groups of people congregate because they are bombarded by the feelings and emotions of others.

Empaths experience ongoing fatigue with no apparent reason. This energy drain is often from being in crowds, groups, or with certain individuals.

When they attend an event or party, they prefer to be the first to arrive and the first to leave.

Empaths need alone time. They recharge by escaping all the feelings and emotions of others.

They are extremely sensitive to violence whether it is real or it is projected in films, television, and other mass media communications. Most Empaths literally feel the violence as if it is happening to their bodies.

They may be sensitive to food additives, chemicals, sugar, perfumes, etc.

Empaths instinctively feel and know when someone isn’t being honest with them.

Empaths are often natural healers because their feeling nature enables them to identify the problem and know what will help the patient to heal. They make excellent healthcare workers, holistic health practitioners, counselors in all fields, practitioners of the Intuitive Arts, and members of other helping professions. They must, however, learn strategies to take care of themselves or they will find themselves looking for a different vocation.

They are extremely good listeners and inspire trust. Strangers and friends spontaneously share their intimate, personal stories with an Empath. They sense a non-judgmental and caring listener.

Empaths are often lovers of nature and enjoy being near or in bodies of water. In these surroundings their energy fields spontaneously clear and they derive a natural sense of well-being. In these soothing nature settings they easily connect with the Divine, higher beings, and muses, and frequently receive inspirations and epiphanies.

Many are lovers of animals. Cats and dogs help to center, ground and relax an Empath. Cats help to absorb and dissolve negative energies without experiencing any negative consequences.

Empaths can make excellent animal communicators and veterinaries.

They are creative – drawn to dancing, painting, singing, playing musical instruments, acting, writing, creating beautiful spaces, creative projects, and just about anything else that allows an Empath free expression.

As children, Empaths often have mystical experiences. Many possess an inborn sense of spirituality without any formal instruction.

As children, their strong sense of feeling enables them to know when an adult’s words do not match their emotions or intentions.

Because these children are so sensitive they often feel different from those around them. They may feel confused by the world. Often they prefer to observe rather than participate.

Once again, some of these attributes are not exclusive to Empaths. If you resonate with 10 or more, you may very well be an Empath yourself.

Strategies for Empaths

Center or ground several times a day. There are many ways to ground or center. A simple and easy technique is to place one or both hands over your heart. Breathe, relax, and gather your energy back to yourself.

Exercise including yoga and Tai Chi help to discharge accumulated energies and emotions.

Get into nature. As an Empath, you will naturally ground, and release the unwanted feelings and emotions stored in your body.

Fill your house with plants, flowers, crystals, and waterfalls to absorb negative energies.

Eat foods that nourish your body and sustain your energy.

Consider eliminating or spending less time with those who drain your energy.

Before going into crowds or gatherings surround yourself in an imaginary bubble of golden light.

When your emotions change unexpectedly, get into the habit of asking yourself if this feeling or emotion belongs to you. Trust your first impression because your first impression is usually the correct one. Quickly release emotions and feelings that don’t belong to you.

When you find yourself in emotionally charged or stressful situations, remember to breath

Unknowingly, Empaths go to bed with a lot of ‘stuff’ that doesn’t belong to them because they are magnets for the emotions and feelings of those around them. A bath or shower helps to wash it all away and ensure a more restorative and peaceful night’s sleep. If it helps, imagine the water is filled with golden light.

Before you go sleep, lovingly return everyone’s energy back to them and loving recall all your energy from others back to you.

Empaths easily extend charity, compassion, forgiveness, and healing to others. As an Empath, you will garner benefits when you extend charity, compassion, forgiveness, and healing to you as well.

Earlier I asked if you feel uncomfortable in shopping malls, arenas, amusement parks and other venues where large groups of people congregate. If you now suspect you may be an Empath, before going into crowds and gatherings surround yourself in an imaginary bubble of golden light and notice it makes a difference in how you feel. Applying a few simple strategies can make your life more enjoyable and easier.

           © Chanda Nancy Berlatsky

About The Author:
Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, PHD.M, DD is based Sedona, AZ – known for its stunning vortexes and the New Age Movement. She brings 25 years of experience as she continues to work with clients in the USA and internationally. Chanda’s first mystical experience occurred at the age of four and involved three non-physical beings. Little did she know that moment would determine her lifelong path. Recognizing that healing comes in many forms and on many levels, she studied extensively to address the concerns of each client. Her training includes, but is not limited to Reiki, a variety of energy modalities, hypnosis, past life regression, Life Between Lives regression, Akashic Records, and Angel Therapy. After earning a Doctor of Divinity, she attended in a New Thought Seminary, earning a Master of Theology and served as a staff minister. In addition, she earned a Ph.D. in Metaphysics, and served as a staff minister for another metaphysical church. Chanda also worked in palliative care as a hospice chaplain. She hosts Akashic Records trainings via teleconference and in person. She also offers long distance healings, prayers and blessings by phone.

           © Chanda Nancy Berlatsky





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