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I’ve heard the term trance or trance state. Is this similar to hypnosis or is it something different?
Hypnosis and trance state are interchangeable. Recently, the term trance state has gained popularity among therapists because a segment of the public views hypnosis with a degree of fear or trepidation due to its highly fictionalized and sensationalized depiction in some films, books, and TV. Consequently, some therapists choose to use the term trance or trance state to avoid conjuring up these negative connotations in the client’s mind

How do you hypnotize me?
I may ask you to focus your attention on your breath, give you some additional suggestions for relaxation, and use some guided imagery to deepen your relaxation

What is guided imagery?
This is an additional process to relax your body and enable your mind to relax and focus. I will ask you to imagine or recall a safe and comforting place such as a forest or sandy beach setting. As you imagine or recall the details of this safe and comforting place using all of your senses, you will further develop your ability to relax and focus. Our daily lives require us to multi-task and think a multitude of thoughts. Inviting your mind to relax, to imagine, and focus continues to lowers your conscious, active, everyday state of mind. Since imagination is a function of the unconscious / subconscious mind, your state of suggestibility increases

Can I be hypnotized?
Most people achieve a state of hypnosis with relative ease. Even those who are resistance to hypnosis with practice can learn to relax their body and conscious minds’ monitoring defenses. We all experience a form of hypnosis several times a day because hypnosis is very similar to ‘’zoning out.’ Have you ever been so engrossed by the plot of a good movie that you forgot your daily life until the movie was over? If so, you have experienced a form of trance or hypnosis. If while driving your car, have you suddenly found yourself arriving home without being consciously aware of the time, distance or route you took? If so, you have experienced a form of trance or hypnosis. Have you ever lost track of time while sitting in front of your computer? If so, you have experienced a form of trance or hypnosis

Is it true that smart or strong-minded people cannot be hypnotized?
The opposite is true. With higher intellect comes an increased ability to focus on the predetermined goals and suggestions. Moreover, once a strong-minded person commits to creating change in her/his life they usually succeed. Being smart and strong-minded is an asset in hypnosis

Will I be asleep?
No. You may feel sleepy and your body may feel heavy, but your mind will remain awake and aware as you experience deep relaxation

What happens if I get ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state?
You cannot anymore than you can get stuck in the plot of a movie, or trapped in front of you computer forever. Even without the assistance of a hypnotherapist, your own mind will return you to a conscious state of mind. A hypnotherapist ensures that you come back fully alert and ready to move on to your next activity. It is possible for some prone to exaggerated emotionalism to ‘imagine’ they still hypnotized, but in truth, they are not

Will I loose control?
Absolutely not! A hypnotherapist cannot make you violate your own moral, ethical beliefs and self-interests nor can they force you to do anything that you do not want to do. This makes for a good story line, but it only happens in novels and the world of entertainment. In truth, you actually have more control in a hypnotic state than in your ordinary state of mind because the mind chatter of the conscious mind is greatly diminished. You have more control because are more aware of your inner feelings, your truths, and innate wisdom. This is the realm of your subconscious mind. Once you are in a hypnotic state, if a suggestion that was predetermined by both of us no longer seems appropriate, you are able to say so. Together, we will formulate a new suggestion, which is now most appropriate for you. In addition, you will receive the utmost respect from me at all times

Is hypnosis appropriate for everyone in every situation?
No. Prior to the hypnosis session, I conduct what is called a client intake. During this pre-talk, we determine your goals and the reasons you want to modify or eliminate a particular behavior. A very nice young man came to see me for smoking cessation. During his intake, he told me that he actually likes smoking cigarettes and does not want to quit. His wife made him schedule an appointment because she wants him to stop smoking. As I mentioned earlier, a hypnotherapist cannot make you do anything you do not want to do. Once we established that he did not want to quit smoking, there was no need to proceed further. Until he is ready to quit smoking of his own volition, hypnosis will be ineffective. Hypnosis is also inappropriate for anyone with severe and untreated psychological disorders. However, hypnosis can be a powerful adjunct when the individual is under the care of a licensed medical or mental health practitioner

Will I remember what happens while under hypnosis?
Yes, you will remember everything because you are not asleep. When the mind chatter of conscious mind is quieted through relaxation techniques and guided imagery, your conscious mind is able to focus and concentrate on your predetermined goals more effectively. Since you are less distracted by random thoughts from your conscious mind your recall and memory is actually improved

I have a meditation practice. Is hypnosis like meditation?
Hypnosis is similar to meditation in that both relax the body and create a peaceful state of mind. Both reach an altered state or trance state of consciousness. A meditation practice means you already know how to relax your body and quiet your conscious mind. This is very helpful when approaching hypnosis, but hypnosis utilizes this peaceful and creative state of mind to generate profound changes in your life. In many forms of meditation, the goal is to empty the mind of all thoughts. In hypnosis, we utilize your unconscious / subconscious mind to accomplish a specific goal. Once the right state of relaxation and receptivity are developed, I will use the predetermined suggestions, constructed and formulated by you, to aide and support you in achieving your desired goals.





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