"I found the Life Between life session to be very profound. Nancy is a very gentle and loving facilitator who uses her intuition in a very accurate way to help you along if you need assistance. I feel blessed to have Nancy be my Life Between Lives facilitator. Since I've been back, people ask me - What did you get out of the Life Between Lives experience? My response is that I feel that I found more of myself, more of my soul. I feel stronger, more empowered in my every day life. Things that seemed to require much organization and effort before just seem to fall into place for me now."

        ~ S. G. - Akashic Consultant & Teacher - Hendersonville, NC

 Life Between Lives  

Spiritual Regression  

Life Between Lives regression is the result of years of research and the documentation of over 7000 individual case studies conducted by Dr. Michael Newton, Ph.D. I highly recommend Dr. Newton’s inspirational books, Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls, and Life Between Lives - Hypnotherapy for Spiritual Regression. His discoveries regarding the existence of our Spiritual Life between our earthly lives have blessed and enriched the lives of many including my own. In gratitude and with respect, I acknowledge the generous spirit of Dr. Michael Newton and his life’s work.

In addition, author and award winning filmmaker, Richard Martini has written an informative and entertaining book on the subject of the Life Between Lives experience entitled, Flipside.

In 2002, I was guided to travel to Virginia Beach to attend Dr. Newton’s Life Between Lives Therapist training and became a Certified Life Between Lives Therapist. I am a past board member of the Society for Spiritual Regression, and an Advisory Committee member to the newly formed Newton Institute for Life Between Lives-Hypnotherapy. I have participated as a Teacher Assistant during two training conferences and I attended the Instructor Training in Chicago, IL in September 2007.

Many of us have questions about our present life and what lies beyond it. “Who am I? Why am I here now? What happens after I die?” Life Between Lives / Spiritual Regression helps individuals uncover the answers to these and other questions.

During the 3 to 5 hour Life Between Lives session, you will revisit the Spiritual Life that exists between your physical lives. Here we will review the course of your Soul’s journey, and gain insights into the actions and the choices you have made over lifetimes of experience. Throughout this process, you will channel information and energy from your guide(s) and higher beings, which will help you recognize your life challenges, lessons, your gifts, and realize the unique contributions that are yours to make in your present life. This window into your Soul’s journey brings healing, clarity, and a deep sense of meaning and purpose to your life in the here-and-now.

The Life Between Lives regression makes use of a past life experience, but primarily as a means to enter your Life Between Lives state. To gain entry into your Soul-state experiences, you are regressed in time to your immediate past life or most significant past life. After a brief review of your past life, you are progressed in time through the death experience of that previous life into the Spiritual Realm and your Life Between Lives state. You will review the moment of your past life death from a higher perspective so there is no need to re-experience any pain or trauma. Some of what you can except during and after your Regression:

Meet your Primary Guide
Reunite with your Soul Family and Soul Mate
Channel Guidance from Wise Beings
Identify your Soul Purpose
Expanded sense of Meaning and Purpose
Recognize your Special Gifts in this lifetime
Learn why you chose your Present Life Body and Family
Enhanced Relationships
Greater clarity and resiliency in the face of life challenges
A greater sense of understanding, forgiveness, peace, harmony, unity, and love of self and Others

“[My] LBL has enabled me to see my “place” from a much expanded perspective. For me, enhanced perspective helps decisions on a daily basis. My personal goals have been brought into greater focus, and for that, I am very happy. Regarding the rest of my life … and beyond, I can say with confidence that the best is indeed yet to come!”
         ~ Ed W. – Los Angeles, CA

Session Fees
Click Button to make an appointmentLife Between Lives Regression* - $450.00 (3 ½ - 5 hours)
Each Additional Hour - $75.00
Initial Past Life Regression - $275.00 (Approximately 3 hours)

*Please note requirement: One Past Life Regression with me or with another certified Hypnotherapist.

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